Emission Control Systems

Bosal Emission Control Systems

BOSAL develops and produces fully integrated exhaust systems for passenger vehicles and trucks that meet present and future demands for near zero emissions, perfect sound quality, increased durability and longer lifetime. Key areas of development at BOSAL are:

  • Emissions control
  • Sound design and acoustic shaping
  • Energy recovery


Emission control

Bosal is able to integrate the full range of Emission Control solutions into its systems, ensuring near zero emissions of harmful substances generated by burning fuel.
The use of these systems facilitates the fine-tuning of the lean combustion process and the reduction of fuel consumption and greenhouse gasses:

  • Catalytic converter for transforming unburned fuel into carbon dioxide (C02) and water by means of chemical oxidation processes and transforming harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into harmless nitrogen (N2).
  • Diesel or petrol filter for preventing all unburned soot particles from escaping into the outside environment.
  • Highly sophisticated devices like SCR systems or NOx traps for removing any remaining nitrogen oxides.
Catalytic converter - BOSAL emission control.

Sound design and Acoustic shaping 

BOSAL is acknowledged by many OEMs as having best-in-class capabilities in the field of sound design.

BOSAL’s acoustical engineers work closely with different OE manufacturers to carefully tune sound signature depending on the car model and its requirements. The perfect balance is found between a comfortable and a sporty sound, or a combination of both when the sound needs to be driving style dependent.

Emission Control System BOSAL - acoustics

In engineering the perfect sound, BOSAL ensures that both engine power and fuel economy remain optimal. To achieve this, the flow through the exhaust is optimized so as to minimize pressure losses inside the system. Balancing sound design and engine performance is a complex task and BOSAL possesses all of the required competencies and research methods.

Energy recovery

Recovery of heat that would otherwise be lost greatly improves overall energy balance, especially in the case of hybrid vehicles. Rapid warming-up of the cooling fluid system reduces the heat-up time of the engine, the passenger compartment and the batteries.

BOSAL is a specialised researcher and manufacturer of systems for energy recovery within the division 'Energy Conversion Industry'. The knowledge accumulated in this division provides BOSAL ECS with invaluable insights into heat recovery, as a surplus to the expertise of the traditional exhaust supplier.
In 2016 BOSAL launched its first heat recovery system in serial production, which premiered as the first close coupled heat recovery system in the industry worldwide.

The heat recovery systems that BOSAL produces are characterised by their efficient heat transfer (up to 75%), compact and modular design, low parasitic heat transfer and low back pressure, and they also include BOSAL valves for controlling the level of heat transfer. 

Emission Control Systems for Trucks

BOSAL has a long history as a supplier of emission control systems for heavy-duty vehicles for on- and off-road applications. The company also possesses the engineering capability required to develop the next generation of emission systems for heavy-duty trucks and off-road equipment. BOSAL's experience in thin-wall material, modular approach and cost awareness means that it can generate efficient integrated emission solutions for its customers.


Quality Policy

In order to be the operationally most capable and reliable partner for Customer in the ECS market we continuously strive for maximum customer satisfaction through our fast and flexible organization, which is big enough to cope and small enough to care.

  1. All of us, members of the ECS Bosal Team, are totally committed to provide products and services to our customers agreed requirements to achieve total satisfaction all in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016.
  2. We are committed to make continual improvement part of our daily life with regards to the products and services provided, and to continually improving effectiveness of the quality management system along the lines of our business processes, thus ensuring that we strive to achieve optimum quality, reliability, service and efficiency.

We are committed to contribute and live our quality system to ensure that all contractual and regulatory requirements are recognized and that the control of these is properly maintained.

Overall Goals

  1. Full involvement by means of team and individual ownership and accountability aiming at customer satisfaction.  Ensuring employee awareness of the impact of their performance on the quality of our processes and products through communication and active participation in quality related issues.
  2. Ensure that the first line workers have the right means to do the job right and that they acquire the knowledge through training, education and get the possibility to learn from experience.
  3. Relentless deployment of the quality system standard documented information, proven standards and best practices in all functions and sites.
  4. In order to rather prevent than correct we strengthen risk based thinking and attitude in the design of our quality system but also by developing an open minded “what if” attitude in all levels of the organization all the way to the production floor.
  5. To achieve our customer’s quality, cost and delivery objectives, we are determined to establish and develop close and long-term relationships with our suppliers.