SOURCING Working with Bosal

Welcome to the supplier portal of BOSAL

You will find information about our company’s sourcing strategy and requirements.

The portal will be the web-based collaboration tool between Bosal and the suppliers for organizing electronic sourcing events (RFI, RFP, RFQ’s and e-auctions), supplier performance management, contract management and catalog ordering.

Once you are registered as an approved supplier in our portal, you can receive RFQ’s for production components, Non Productive Parts (NPP) and Tooling & Equipment (T&E)

The Bosal Supplier Portal ( provides the following functionalities:

Supplier Portal Functionalities
  • Supplier  Self-registration /Self-assessment
  • Supplier Performance data / Scorecard
  • Supplier Quality Data
    • ISO/TS Certificates (including validity-control on status)
  • Request for Quotation and quote management
  • Document & Contract management
    • Contracts (Master Supply Agreements)
    • Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
    • Quality Assurance Agreements
    • NDA / Supply Chain Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Product Liability Insurance
  • Catalog (Punch Out, MRO, NPP, etc)