Product Development

BOSAL invests heavily in intellectual capital and places great emphasis on innovation and new product development activities in its facilities. BOSAL’s product development staff and facilities are considered key in achieving a leading market offering and sustaining market success. The large number of applications developed and solutions found has built a vast pool of knowledge. And because this knowledge is freely exchanged by engineers and designers within the Bosal organization, OEM and Aftermarket products benefit equally.

Exhaust Systems

A most recent example is the smart solution for condensate distribution and metallization inside a silencer. BOSAL especially excels in designs using non-absorbent materials like e-glass, which prevent corrosion from the inside out, thus improving quality and life expectancy.

State-of-the-art test and development facilities for fast and cost-effective testing and validation of the latest designs of silencers and catalytic converters.
Product Development at Bosal
  • Same validation procedures for emission technologies as applied in catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters
  • Robust design validation through physical and CAE simulation to optimize flow distribution and ensure the correct back pressure to guarantee fuel efficiency
  • Extensive database with products and detailed technical information to support helpdesks and customers throughout the product lifecycle
  • BOSAL exhaust catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters are all individually type approved in accordance to the UN/ECE and EU regulations
  • Specific range of high-spec catalytic converters for petrol and diesel engines accredited to RAL UZ-184, the highest European emission standard applied in Germany and marketed with the “Blauer Engel” certification
  • OEM fitting points are part of the AM design to guarantee the fitability of the Aftermarket product range