Cable bracket

BOSAL Patented cable bracket

Patented BOSAL innovation

The BOSAL patented cable bracket enables improvements in the typical trade-off between the thermal behaviour and vibration behaviour of engine-mounted after-treatment components.

During thermal loading, the exhaust system must be able to expand. To allow for thermal expansion a soft mounting system to the engine block is required. However, to limit the vibration of the exhaust system in the full engine speed range, the exhaust system should have a rigid, stiff mounting system.

The patented cable bracket offers a smart solution that combines benefits for both requirements. The cable is very stiff in the axial direction, which provides rigid support; while in the lateral direction the cable is flexible, which enables thermal expansion of the exhaust system.

Over 4 million parts have been deployed in OE vehicles worldwide over the past decade.


  • excellent durability performance
  • compact
  • design flexibility
  • low process complexity