Compact Euro VI system for Trucks

BOSAL has taken a different approach to that of the existing technology currently being used for trucks. The objective was to develop a very compact Euro VI concept, with reduced product cost and development & tooling expenses, while at the same time meeting the key performance criteria.

Accomodating a wide range of commercial vehicles

The new BOSAL concept covers the entire range typical for a commercial vehicle exhaust application. 


  • 4 truck layout variants in the upper segment
  • 4 truck layout variants in the medium segment
  • 3 bus layout variants


  • 4 different engine sizes
  • each with 3 to 4 power ratings



  • volumes of the aftertreatment substrates
  • 2 positions for the inlet pipe on the truck into the box
  • 3 different positions for the exhaust pipe (inboard, outboard and vertical)

BOSAL design features and achieved benefits

  • Modular catalyst substrates, scalable to engine size, power rating and emission level
  • Compact design  with 30% lower packaging space than specification
  • Low weight:  12-20% under customer target
  • 50% cost reduction for development, validation testing and tooling compared to traditional designs

 The design is adaptive to inlet pipe layout: inlet pipe can be fixed in different rotation positions, accommodating layout of inlet pipes. No changes in flow distribution and no additional parts or tooling needed. Adaptive to exhaust outlet pipe layout, accommodation for inboard, outboard and vertical outlet pipes, no change to the core design.

Compact Euro VI emission system for trucks