Composite Materials

In the search for even further reductions in weight, BOSAL is currently taking an unconventional path by investigating the use of new non-metal materials, thereby changing the concept and functioning of an exhaust system.

In collaboration with a university, BOSAL is working on an innovation project aimed at replacing the metal in exhaust systems with an alternative material: fibre-reinforced plastic (composite).
The use of this lighter material radically reduces the weight of the design and also brings other benefits. The newly developed fibrous insulation layers combine thermal insulation properties with additional acoustic attenuation of exhaust noise, thereby eliminating the conventional silencer. This enables significant reductions in weight and the creation of new perspectives on exhaust system geometry. Higher material costs are compensated by the fuel economy savings resulting from radical weight reduction.

BOSAL's design features and achieved benefits

  • Glass fibre-reinforced polymer shell
  • Enables radical weight reduction
  • High-temperature insulation layer with excellent acoustical attenuation behaviour
  • Decoupling of both thermal and vibrational loads from the engine
Bosal exhaust Systems innovation - composite Materials