Ultra Light Weight innovation

BOSAL aims to achieve further weight reductions through the maximum utilisation of the capabilities of exiting materials in combination with the invention of new concepts.

The Ultra Light Weight innovation is a showcase of BOSAL’s capabilities – demonstrating 40% weight reduction overall on a production silencer assembly, while at the same time improving the system’s performance.

The weight of the production silencer assembly has been reduced from 5.4kg to 3.4kg as a result of a series of adjustments to the conventional design.

Creation of this innovation provides Bosal with a head start in production of next generation – composite – exhaust system.


  • Patented sandwich silencer shell design
  • Overall weight reduction of 40% (from 5.4 kg to 3.4 kg)
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Low noise radiation
  • Same tailpipe acoustic performance
  • Same durability performance as conventional system

External pipe wall thickness has been reduced to 0.6mm, compared to the industry standard of 1.0-1.2mm. The wall thickness of the muffler interior has also been reduced to 0.6mm, compared to the industry standard of 0.8-1.0mm.
The most significant saving in terms of weight, however, is delivered by the 'sandwich silencer envelope'. This is a patented BOSAL invention consisting of 2 layers of 0.2mm corrugated steel encapsulating a layer of insulation material. The sandwich envelope principle reduces envelope weight by 50%.

In addition to the reduction in weight, another benefit is the low noise radiation as a result of the sandwich construction with high damping properties. The acoustic and endurance performance has been validated through physical testing and has matched or improved the results of the production system.

Bosal Ultra light weight innovation - patented silencer