Detachable Systems

Bosal detachable towbars do not interfere with the design of the car. They can easily be removed when not required. The detachable towbar also has practical advantages – it doesn’t obscure low mounted number plates or catch on clothing when not in use.

Horizontally detachable

Horizontally detachable

  • Attaching and removing the tow ball is a simple one-handed operation
  • Fully automatic locking mechanism
Vertically detachable towbar

Vertically detachable

  • High D-values for towing of heavy loads
  • Three-ball locking mechanism based on the latest OEM technology ensuring easy mounting / demounting
  • Invisible when detached


  • Fix4Bike ensures precise location when mounting the bicycle carrier avoiding any play
  • Meets the highest safety standards
  • Unique and patented solution