Research & Development

BOSAL has sales & development sites in all regions close to the passenger car manufacturers.

All entities are integrated within the Bosal R&D Network using a common standard in the product creation process, maintaining the highest level of modern engineering and software tools.

BOSAL's expertise

Global R&D centers

Full R&D competencies are present through worldwide network of R&D centers and partnerships. 

Towing and transportation

BOSAL has a strong heritage of remarkable achievements for towing solutions.


BOSAL possesses the capabilities and research methods required to design and manufacture superb acoustic products.


BOSAL’s is fully equipped to design and manufacture state-of-the-art emission control systems.


BOSAL has full competences and  know-how in different fields of endurance validation.

Computer Aided Engineering

BOSAL is able to draw on an extensive knowledge base for the virtual development of its products.