Emissions laboratory


BOSAL Emissions Control Systems is a global player in the area of automotive emissions control for light and commercial vehicles, with many years of experience in the development and manufacture of complete exhaust systems and components, including silencers, manifolds and catalytic converters, as well as exhaust gas heat recovery systems.

BOSAL’s comprehensive portfolio contains innovative and clever solutions in emissions, weight reduction and exhaust gas heat recovery, thereby supporting vehicle manufacturers in their efforts to produce cars that comply with the highest standards for air quality, noise and environmental protection.

BOSAL’s capabilities

BOSAL’s fully equipped vehicle emissions laboratory is compatible with EUDC, NEDC and WLTC drive cycles, as well as a particle counter that complies with Euro 6c standards.
BOSAL engine dyno cells are suitable for full exhaust measurements:

    • Air blowers and gas burners
    • Hot wire anemometer and Kiel Probes for flow uniformity measurements
    • Optic Microscopes
    • Dantec 3D scanner
    • Hiden 20 HPR mass spectrometer
    • High Resolution Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy
    • Chemical analysers
    BOSAL Endurance testing

    Development and testing

     BOSAL possesses the skills required to develop systems that can remove carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, as well as filter particulate matter, from diesel and gasoline powered vehicles.
    BOSAL is experienced in optimising urea decomposition and urea mixing, both of which are required for Euro 6c and Euro 6d.

    BOSAL is able to achieve > 95% ammonia distribution, even for very complex close coupled configurations. BOSAL uses advanced procedures that require in-depth engineering know-how, virtual optimisation with CFD tools (Star CCM+ / AVL FIRE) and physical testing.

    BOSAL’s expertise includes optimising the close coupled inlet cones and gas ducts that lead to DPFs and GPFs in order to ensure a uniform soot loading, thus preventing uncontrolled soot regeneration. All testing of soot distribution for validation purposes is carried out in-house.  

    Emission testing - motor with mounted catalytic converter