Towing and Transportation

ACPS Division – Towing

As the European market leader and a leading player in both the Russian and South African markets, BOSAL´s ACPS Division has an impressive track record and a long list of remarkable achievements in the area of towing solutions. For example, BOSAL was the first company to successfully detachable and swivelling tow bars.

Today the patented ORIS-MATIC swiveling tow bar has become a must-have and a standard in the European market.  This tow bar system is invisible when not in use and offers you to 3.5 tons towing capacity at the push of a button!

Push Button Oris-Matic BR 213

Innovation is what drives both BOSAL´s business and its our skill at bringing its products to market maturity. At the ACPS Division BOSAL employees are permanently committed to exceeding the demands of automotive manufacturers.

BOSAL works together with its partners in the automotive industry to maintain its position at the cutting edge of end-user expectations.

BOSAL uses its wide-ranging expertise to develop and produce innovative, competitive products combining high levels of user-friendliness with original-equipment quality.

In-house developments have a high priority and the fruits of these efforts are offered to the automotive industry as new and pioneering products.

The engineers at BOSAL´s ACPS Division are supported in their work by up-to-date CAD systems and the efficient Finite Element Method (FEM).