BOSAL catalogue upgrade opens the door to six million more vehicles

BOSAL catalogue upgrade opens the door to six million more vehicles


A major software project undertaken by BOSAL’s Aftermarket division will facilitate the opportunity for an additional six million vehicles on Europe’s roads to be equipped with BOSAL exhaust and towbar products.

BOSAL has recently completed a two-year software development project, designed to fully align its product portfolio with the vehicle definitions used by aftermarket catalogue specialists Headline and TecDoc, thereby ensuring that prospective customers are always offered a BOSAL solution where available. The revised product catalogue will be available to access from 5 January 2017.

The two-year undertaking involved significant software development and detailed data integration, and in the process of accurately mapping its product range to OE numbers, BOSAL has been able to identify an additional six million vehicles in the European parc that are able to be equipped with one of its aftermarket solutions.

BOSAL’s vehicle definitions, which are honed primarily using body type, engine specifications and construction year, are now accurately matched to the definitions with Headline and TecDoc. Customers using the TecDoc catalogue portal can now be assured that they will find all of the available BOSAL products in the most efficient way.

In parallel to this major software project, BOSAL has also been redeveloping its own web catalogue system, which will use the same up-to-date vehicle definitions and product information. The new BOSAL web catalogue includes even more detailed search options, which have been developed following customer feedback, and are designed to make it easier and quicker to find the right products.

For the first time, BOSAL’s web catalogue will also be fully compatible with mobile phones and tablets, allowing customers to access the system from remote locations. The new catalogue is scheduled to go live February 2017.

BOSAL’s catalogue has been redesigned to fit into the crisp new look of the corporate website of the BOSAL Group, which offers detailed and easy-to-access information on each of the five divisions.