BOSAL to open competence centre and plant in Nyköping, Sweden

Vianen, the Netherlands, 14 January 2021 – BOSAL, a leading European supplier of energy and mobility innovations that contribute to a cleaner world, today announced that the company is opening a new plant and competence center in Nyköping, Sweden. This marks the start of BOSAL’s production and development activities in Scandinavia and will eventually also involve a regional hub for Aftermarket activities. The initial investment in Nyköping will be approximately 20 million euros and aims to create jobs for 200-400 people. 

BOSAL has outlined a business plan to expand its portfolio of on- and off-road products for the Scandinavian market, on the back of its vertical integration and diversification strategy. The company prepares a 20 million euro investment in a new plant and a new competence center that are to be opened in Nyköping. 

The competence center will work for the BOSAL Group across the globe, to enhance knowhow and develop business in the area of heavy-duty vehicles on-road and off-road. Nyköping is an ideal location for its Scandinavian ventures, because of the know-how, competencies, and supply chain in the area of automotive manufacturing that is available in the region of Nyköping. The proximity to the technical universities of Stockholm and Linköping makes it easy to turn education into a direct driver of development. Sweden holds an 18% global market share of powertrains for heavy-duty vehicles. 

On the back of new business opportunities BOSAL has identified, it also prepares to open a production facility. This plant will focus on both commercial vehicle and passenger car business for a diversity of new BOSAL projects that will encompass its full product offering. The company plans to manufacture Emission Control Systems and Chassis Parts in its new Swedish factory. Building a plant in Sweden makes sense from a sustainability, operational and financial point of view. 

BOSAL will seek to hire experienced people in Sweden. The company expects to employ its first new Swedish employees in Nyköping in the first quarter of 2021. Over time, BOSAL aims to provide employment to between 200 and 400 people in Nyköping. 

“We have been preparing this move for over a year and are very grateful for the help and support by the city of Nyköping. It is a great location to start our Scandinavian ventures. We see a lot of opportunities here – and we know we can gain a tremendous sustainability advantage by establishing ourselves closer to the manufacturing plants of the large Swedish OEMs. The opening of our competence center and plant in Nyköping is a major strategic step for us”, says René de Wit, CEO of BOSAL Group. 

Fredrik Sidahl, CEO at the Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association, welcome BOSAL’s expansion to the Scandinavian market: 

“The growth and competitiveness of the Scandinavian automotive industry depend on having suppliers that invest in the market, attract talent, and work closely with our biggest automotive manufacturers. Because of this, we’re very happy that BOSAL has chosen to establish a presence in Nyköping”, says Fredrik Sidahl. 

About Bosal 

Established in 1923 in Alkmaar, the BOSAL Group is Dutch registered, headquartered in Vianen, Netherlands. BOSAL is an established global manufacturer of automotive and industrial equipment, both for the original equipment market and the aftermarket. The annual turnover is in excess of €400 million. The BOSAL Group employs over 2,500 people in 16 manufacturing plants, 12 distribution centers and 7 R&D centers. BOSAL’s purpose is to consistently innovate to contribute to a cleaner world in energy and mobility. 

As a long-time supplier to customers like Volkswagen Group, Volvo, General Motors, Ford and many others, and with 16 factories worldwide, BOSAL is well experienced in welding and metal forming processes at the highest quality automotive standards. 

With its 98 years of history, BOSAL positions itself as a full-service supplier to its customers. The company develops complete emission control (powertrain) systems, chassis parts, and energy conversion products, maintains a global manufacturing footprint and delivers to customers via an advanced just-in-time sequencing model in Europe, North America, South America, Russia, Turkey and South Africa. In recent years BOSAL made the transition from conventional engines to also providing solutions for hybrid and electrical powertrain.