Automotive Carrier and Protection Systems (ACPS)

ACPS Division is driver of innovations and holds numerous patents within their field of expertise; to the benefit of OEM´s and end-consumers.

Innovation leader inTowing and Transportation

The ACPS Division is the market leader for towbar solutions in the OE (Original Equipment) and AM (After Market) passenger car industry. The success Story of ACPS started with the creation of the ORIS GmbH company in 1955; following the innovation of the removable towbar / hitch in 1985. Our company developed the world's first mechanical swiveling towbar in 2000 and then the first half electrical towbar in 2009. The spirit of innovation continued with the world's first fully retractable, electrical towbar also in the year 2009 and numerous additional carrier and protection system products for the automotive industry. In 2006 we joined the Bosal Group allowing us to grow globally and significantly expand our research and development applications. We have developed a remarkable new towbar ball-mount system which will improve safety and load-carrying ability (Fix-Matic), and have now made the comfort of fully automatic retractable towbars available for small to medium-range passenger cars. 

Join us in discovering the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship of the BOSAL ACPS Division. 

Our legacy and history is with towing and transportation. Today the ACPS Division has grown to become the largest European towbar supplier for passenger cars both for OE ( Original Equipment) and independent aftermarket retrofit applications. 

The invention of the swivel towbar represents our remarkable spirit of innovation that, above all, defines the key driver for ACPS. 

Our extraordinary range of roof bars and roof rack carrier systems complete our portfolio. 

Every year millions of customers discover the unique handling and comfort of our products. Explore the Bosal ACPS pages of and discover our secret of success by learning about the way we work, develop and manufacture solutions for your safe transportation and comfortable ride.