Catalytic Converters

Bosal has a comprehensive range of more than 1,000 catalytic converters for petrol and diesel engines, up to Euro 5 type-approved units and “Blauer Engel” accreditation for the top end. Bosal uses its insider OEM knowledge for Aftermarket products. Our laboratory makes CAE flow simulations, conducts hot-shake testing and ceramic brick hydrothermal aging.

Catalytic Converter
  • OEM washcoat technology with optimized loading of precious metals
  • Fully compliant with the EU type approval regulation R103 ensuring a durability of 80,000 km
  • All parts developed are based on-car OE sampling and testing
  • Heat-resistant insulation material
  • OEM manufacturing technology with precise matting GBD and shell sizing
  • High surface area substrates for maximum conversion efficiency
  • Specially designed inlet cone to optimize the flow distribution
  • Spin-formed cone avoiding any welding of the product
  • Guaranteed gas tightness
  • One housing for improved visual appearance of the product
  • Mounting kits are included in all catalytic converters
  • Product packaging with plugs and caps for maximum protection