Diesel Particulate Filters

Bosal DPF range is car-specific and the product design is based upon the latest OEM technology to ensure correct performance as part of the complex exhaust gas after-treatment technology of the vehicle engine. The DPF product range comprises two technical specifications, depending on the usage of the product. Cordierite substrate typically recommended for long-distance driving and silicon carbide substrate, recommended for urban city driving, including regular use of the start/stop system.

Diesel Particulate Filter
  • High efficiency substrate in terms of regeneration
  • Wide range of diesel particulate filters with both specifications
  • All DPF products are type-approved
  • Mounting kits are included
  • All DPFs are carefully packed with plugs and caps for maximum protection
  • Additive EOLYS for Euro 3, 4, 5 and 6 engines to support the DPF range
  • REGEFLEX as a service product