Top End Catalytic Converters

The top end of the Bosal catalytic converter range is “Blauer Engel” accredited. This is the most stringent German accreditation based on the RAL UZ-184. This ensures maximum protection of people and the environment for the lifetime of the product.

  • Optimized converter performance through the lifetime of the product
  • OEM washcoat technology with optimized loading of precious metals
  • High specification heat-resistant insulation material
  • High surface area substrates for maximum conversion efficiency
  • Spin-formed cone avoiding any welding of the product
  • Guaranteed gas tightness
  • One housing for improved visual appearance of the product
  • Accredited annual testing by renowned German technical institutes
  • Each product is engraved with “Blauer Engel” type-approval
  • Mounting kits are included in all catalytic converters
  • Product packaging with plugs and caps for maximum protection