Customized options

BOSAL ECI’s line of high-temperature heat exchangers is designed for a wide range of applications and operating conditions. Optional features or treatments are developed and validated, enabling the products to meet requirements for specific applications or operating conditions. All optional features are developed and validated by BOSAL ECI.

Our options can be divided into two groups:

1. Coating options
2. Additional options & services

Your partner in sustainable energy solutions! Bosal ECI develops, produces and delivers tailor made energy recycling modules and high temperature heat exchangers for a range of functions precisely tailored to your system requirements. Discover your benefits here and contact us to find out what solutions we can offer you

Coating options

Options that improve metallurgical stability and therefore prolong the lifetime, for example, protective (anti chrome evaporation) coating or coatings with the oxidative or reforming functions.

Catalytic coatings with proven technology

Catalytic coatings are developed in partnership with and produced by external coaters, originally for the chemical process industry. This allows BOSAL ECI to use coatings that have a proven lifetime of more than 80,000 h. All coatings are directly applied inside the heat exchanger.

Convert hydrocarbons into hydrogen and carbon monoxide in SOFCs or reformers in PEM fuel cells using temperatures ranging from 600°C to 850°C.

Oxidative, catalytic coating
Enables the oxidation of residue fuel in the gas flow. A high-temperature heat exchanger with this coating ensures the oxidation of hydrocarbons and CO, while exchanging the reaction heat with a cold flow, passing at the other side of a coated heat-exchanging plate. Facilitates exhaust after-treatment or boost start-up

Reductive, reforming coating
This is a coating for steam reforming whereby the heat from the hot system side is used to fuel the reforming reaction itself. BOSAL ECI uses a precious metal-based catalyst.

Aluminium oxide protective coatings
These are coatings to improve corrosion resistance and eliminates or reduces chromium evaporation.

Additional options & services


Example: integration of a mixer into the heat exchanger module, integration of insulation around the heat exchanger module. To increase the efficiency of your system, this basic footprint can be combined with a number of options:

Integrated mixers
Ensure uniform gas composition, temperature profile and velocity profile resulting in excellent energy efficiency and endurance.

Burner components
Based on customer designs or recommendations by burner specialists.

Testing probes
For measuring pressure, temperature or composition for research and development purposes.

Cost-efficient full Inconel plate heat exchangers
Maximum resistance to metal dusting, for gas flows with high carbon activity, e.g., anode gas flow for a fuel cell or CO/CO2 streams for chemical processes.