BOSAL ECI products

To increase the effectivity of your powerplant several heat exchanger solutions are possible.

As all of these devices function under high temperature and/or high pressure, it is possible to complete them with additional options like coatings, or to integrate our heat exchangers into your system. Right-sized and tailored to your specific requirements!

Full range Energy Recycling Modules

BOSAL ECI manufactures a full Range of “Heat to Power” and “Heat to Heat” Energy Recycling Modules, which distinguish themselves on the charactertics mentioned below  

  • Premium Energy Recycling Modules
  • ‘CHP’ or ‘distributed power generation’ application
  • Patented Modular design
  • Customized Integration
  • From prototype to serial production enabling the required market entry price for the complete system
  • 8 patents ‘Core’ design
  • Over 40,000 hours proven endurance

BOSAL ECI products, options, segments, USPs, markets and applications in one overview

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Your partner in sustainable energy solutions! Bosal ECI develops, produces and delivers tailor made energy recycling modules and high temperature heat exchangers for a range of functions precisely tailored to your system requirements. Discover your benefits here and contact us to find out what solutions we can offer you

Product range


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A heat exchanger that preheats air or water by making use of the waste heat of an engine/power generator. BOSAL ECI has developed compact preheaters (1.1 m² heat-exchanging surface / liter), designed for gas temperatures of up to 950°C. The effectiveness is 85%, at low pressure drop (5 – 10 mbar for each flow path).


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A preheater for compressed air by using waste heat from a turbine exhaust.

The BOSAL ECI recuperator line reaches up to 90% effectiveness depending on application and operating point.

Core design
The recuperator core is designed to handle pressure differences of 3 bar between the air and hot gas flowpaths, while stacking 1.1 m² plate surface per liter core volume.

The recuperator can be delivered with a PED certification.

RW ECI 173-1 (71-4)G_0.jpg


A catalytic, active heat exchanger that transforms hydrocarbons in hydrogen and carbon monoxide by means of waste heat.
BOSAL ECI has developed system-integrated, compact steam reformers with

  • Low pressure drop
  • High energy density

RW ECI 169-6 (71-6 174-1 179-1)k.jpg

Catalytic afterburner

A heat exchanger that catalytically oxidizes depleted fuel and uses the reaction heat to preheat incoming air. BOSAL ECI has developed a component that integrates the injection and mixing of the depleted fuel in the heat exchanger core, resulting in an ultra-compact, integrated, Energy Recovery Module.



A heat exchanger which evaporates water and mixes with fuel at high temperature.

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A heat exchanger that evaporates a pressurized liquid and conditions the evaporated liquid at higher temperature.

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