Sourcing Material Classification

The BOSAL sourcing organization purchases the following product groups: 

  1. Production components,
  2. Non Production Part, including spare parts/MRO, as well as services
  3. Tooling and Equipment (CAPEX)

Production components
Production components include all production materials, automotive components for use in BOSAL’s series production, according to the following classification:

Raw Materials such as Coil, Tubes, Long product, Profiles & Bars, Manufactured parts according to different production technologies such as Blanking, Stamping, Casting, Forging, Sintering & Spinning.

This category also includes specific parts such as Wire & Rod, Hydroformed parts plus Clamps, Brackets, Fastener, Flex Pipes, Insulation, Substrates & Canned converters, Valves, Glass Fiber, Plastic & Foam parts, Textiles, Mounting parts, Rubber parts, Electronic items, Hydraulics, Transmission Parts

Finally, it includes special treatment processes & subassemblies, transport & packaging (one-way and returnable)

Production Materials Baffles

NPP - Non Production Parts

The non-production parts typically refer to purchased items that are not used for production.  They include spare parts as well as maintenance consumables (oil, grease, welding rods etc.).  Other NPP categories are related to general services, IT, etc. 

BOSAL will facilitate the sourcing of this category by means of catalogues – internal and punch-out,  and group frame agreements (where feasible).

The BOSAL NPP categories are the following:

Facility Management, Fleet management, Travel & Training management, Professional services, Marketing

IT appliances & services, Equipment investments, MRO and spare parts, Consumables & Auxiliary materials,

Office supplies, Packaging & Logistics, Safety Equipment (including Personal Protective Equipment) 

Travel Management

Tooling and Equipment (T&E)

Tooling and equipment means production equipment, including forging dies, measuring and testing equipment (e.g., gauges), matrices, models, samples, tooling, devices, drawings and similar items required for the production and examination of Goods. Categories include 

Tooling and Equipment with the following technologies:  Spin forming, Clinching, Complete welding cell, Robot welding, Dedicated welding machines, Leak tester, Back-pressure testing, Complete bending cell, Tube bending, Tube-end finishing, Tube denting, Tube drilling, Tube sawing, Scratching & Pin Marking, Laser marking, Spot-welding, Brush deburring, Electrical torque control, Large system manipulators, Tumbling, Welding jigs, Tooling, Checking gauge, CNC Machines, Cutting lines, Canning lines, Assembly lines, Robots, Internal transport, Tooling & Equipment