BOSAL acoustical engineers work closely with engineers from the various OEM car manufacturers to generate the perfect exhaust sound. BOSAL is acknowledged by these OEMs as having best-in-class capabilities in the field of sound design.

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The exhaust system transforms raw engine noise into a sophisticated sound. At BOSAL the silencers are carefully tuned within the total system in order to make optimal use of naturally present acoustic resonances. 

In engineering the perfect sound, BOSAL ensures that both engine power and fuel economy remain optimal. To achieve this, the flow through the exhaust is optimized so as to minimize pressure losses inside the system.

Balancing sound design and engine performance is a complex task that requires high levels of skill and know-how. BOSAL possesses the capabilities and research methods required to design and manufacture the very best acoustic products:

BOSAL’s capabilities

  • Tail pipe noise optimization for comfort and sporty sound
    • Engine order noise
    • Flow noise
    • Subjective noise - psychoacoustics
  • Acoustic simulations in the frequency domain and time domain
  • Testing in semi-anechoic chamber with engine dynamometer
  • Testing in semi-anechoic chamber with vehicle dynamometer
  • Finite element analysis for silencer shell noise
  • Sound quality analysis
  • Pass-by noise testing

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  • Flow and back pressure optimization
  • CFD simulations for back pressure, flow noise
  • Cold flow bench testing of acoustical properties, back pressure and flow noise

Simulations and testing

Before a prototype is built, the acoustical engineers at BOSAL use state-of-the-art computer simulations to predict and optimize sound attenuation and radiation, pressure losses and flow induced aeroacoustic noise. The prototypes are then built and tested in our acoustical test labs, after which only the best designs with the best sound quality are selected. BOSAL acoustical engineers are involved in every step of this process, meaning that BOSAL can guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

Bosal acoustic simulations & testing


BOSAL takes pride in developing new methodologies and unique simulation tools to support its development work. BOSAL acoustical engineers collaborate in multi-disciplinary innovation projects and work closely together with universities, which helps BOSAL to maintain its place at the cutting edge of the industry.

Examples of BOSAL acoustical innovations include a patented by-pass resonator concept for enhancing exhaust sound and a patented flow optimized U-bend for improving noise levels at low frequencies while maintaining a low level of flow induced noise.

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