Manufacturing Capabilities

BOSAL has invested heavily in innovating manufacturing processes to be able to produce the current and future generations of products. Managing 30 manufacturing plants all over the world, BOSAL is a global player with vast manufacturing experience and expertise to produce large volumes with a consistently high level of quality.

Future oriented manufacturing

BOSAL’s manufacturing process and machines are able to accommodate all - ever increasing – customer requirements.  To fully accommodate these requirements, all BOSAL’s MAG welding processes are suited for thin wall materials with a high gap filling capability. Laser welding, TIG welding and special welding processes are commonly used within BOSAL for processing of thin wall materials.

Laser welding of metal plates

Laser welding

BOSAL’s  automated process combines high precision with high speed welding.

High-speed welding results in low heat input, which reduces deformation of the product to a minimum and increases the product quality.  

TIG automated welding

TIG automated welding

  • Ensures flexibility by switching  between different products and batch sizes, scaling up from prototype welding to serial production.
  • Delivers high quality results with excellent repeatability

World-class manufacturing

In addition to evolutionary change in manufacturing processes for silencer making, OEM requirements have resulted in additional high tech process development.

According to BOSAL’s best-in-class policy, all new equipment has either CNC capabilities with universal tooling or is equipped with quick change tooling, enabling fast tool changes.
All current sheet-forming and tube-bending standard processes are CNC and servo controlled. This electric equipment improves quality by eliminating operator influence and temperature impact. An additional advantage is minimum energy consumption.

All this is monitored with a high-developed Quality Management System, proven in certification for e.g.

  • ISO TS 16949,
  • ISO 9001:.2008, 
  • DIN EN ISO 14001
  • PED (European Pressure Directive)
  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and
  • AD2000 regulations

Increased complexity

The number of different exhaust variations within the same customer platform has increased. This is related to the number of different engines multiplied bythe number of rear bumper types. Production batch sizes are further reducing, pushing manufacturing processes into the direction of small series sizes and requiring increasing flexibility.
Process flows at Bosal focus on using all high-tech equipment in the most efficient way. Small batches are produced in compact, adaptive manufacturing cells. These cells are fed by a lean supermarket system and feed the supermarkets for the next operation.