BOSAL is able to draw on an extensive knowledge base for the virtual development of its products. 80% of its exhaust systems are developed using virtual technology, which results in faster time to market, lower development costs, improved product robustness and quality and increased “first-time-right design”.



Virtual development and testing

Virtual procedures have been developed and automated - from pre- to post-processing - that help to ensure consistency in results and short processing times. Having the prototype and physical testing facilities close to BOSAL's engineering departments allows for close interaction between the virtual and physical environments.

BOSAL’s Computer Aided Engineering is integrated in OE development projects worldwide, as well as actively driving CAE innovation programmes.

Bosal's capabilities

Specific know-how has been accumulated in various fields of expertise:

Know-how in various fields of expertise

  • low cycle fatigue
  • high cycle fatigue
  • thermo-mechanical fatigue
  • radiated noise
  • system dynamics
  • backpressure
  • flow uniformity
  • reactants chemistry for Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)
  • flow noise
  • design feasibility for manufacturability
  • energy management
  • design of experiments
  • optimisation processes


State-of-the-art software

  • Abaqus
  • Star CCM+ / AVL FIRE
  • HyperSuite
  • GT Power
  • Simulink
  • Tosca Fluid
  • Z-space
  • VSA Teamcenter