Years of experience

Since the company was founded in 1923, BOSAL has had a long and impressive track record in the development, manufacture and supply of full exhaust systems to clients all around the world.

Global manufacturing and supply network

 BOSAL's clients include most of the main OE car companies across the globe;

  • The “big three” in North America,
  • Major European car manufacturers in Germany and France and a number of the more exclusive brands in the United Kingdom,
  • Asia: key Korean and Japanese companies,
  • Top brands in the medium-size car segment manufactured in Sweden and Germany have recently been added to the BOSAL customer portfolio.

BOSAL has been serving its customers with a global manufacturing footprint that stretches from South Africa to Russia, from Brazil to China and from Europe to North America.

The BOSAL project range covers cost-efficient exhaust systems produced in their millions on multiple continents for high volume global vehicle platforms. BOSAL also handles relatively small volume projects, including complex active mechatronics for hybrid vehicles, sports vehicles and supercars.

Full design- and manufacturing competencies

BOSAL has developed cold end exhaust systems, hot ends (including integrated engine manifolds), EGR system pipes, exhaust gas heat exchangers and systems for trucks and off-road vehicles, including complex active soot burner systems and urea mixing solutions for diesel SCR systems.

BOSAL's competencies more than cover the demanding requirements of today’s complex exhaust systems. Based on the foundation of the company's extensive experience and sustained innovation in products and processes, BOSAL continues to play a leading role as a system supplier in the development, manufacture and supply of state-of-the-art exhaust systems.