Energy conversion systems and entropy

In energy conversion systems, energy is transferred from one form to another form, for instance from chemical (fuels) to electrical or mechanical, or the other way around. Very often this is done by using heat as intermediate energy form.

Acoustic solutions

BOSAL is constantly developing new components for most effective acoustic solution within the constraints of compactness, weight and cost, durability and standardisation.

Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery

BOSAL Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery System recuperates heat which would otherwise be wasted to offer benefits in fuel consumtion, emissions and passanger comfort.

Light Weight Solutions

Bosal has extensive experience and know-how in weight reduction, which enabled Bosal to reduce the weight of existing designs as well as to bring to market a new, patented  light weight concept.

Case studies

Various challenges and research questions have resulted in development of patented products and full systems solutions.