BOSAL testing department

To evaluate energy conversion products, BOSAL has a range of state-of-the-art test equipment for

1. Functional testing
2. Durability testing
3. Material characterization 

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1. Functional testing

Several test set-ups are used to measure the functional performance of Energy Conversion Industry products in a wide range of applications. A combination of different flow inputs are imposed to the test sample. We are equipped to:

Vary gas flows
Supply gas flows with a flow rate level of 0.002 to 2000 kg/h

Vary temperatures
Temperature varying from ambient level to above 1000°C

Vary pressure levels
Supply liquid flows with the required flow rate and pressure levels up to 40bar. This enables measuring the performance of the test sample at a wide range of operating points.

A complete organic Rankine-cycle test rig is fully operational, including the heat to power conversion.

2. Durability testing

A large selection of test equipment for durability testing is available, enabling accelerated life testing.

We use following methods:

Thermal shock set-up
Rapidly heat-up the test sample to temperatures up to 1000°C, followed by an extremely fast cool down by means of a water quench or a cold air flow.

Multi-dimensional vibration tests
During these vibration tests the components are submitted to recorded vibration signals or synthesized vibration signals. The vibration levels can go up to 100G and optionally the vibration tests are performed in combination with a hot gas flow through the component.

Test samples can be instrumented with a high number of sensors, such as:

  • Strain gages;
  • Thermocouples;
  • Accelerometers (to measure the conditions in the actual application)

All testing will be performed according the BOSAL ECI standards and / or according to customer specifications.

3. Material characterization

Over the years, we have built dedicated test rigs for material characterization of stainless steel and specific components, such as, flanges, flexibles, isolators, and insulation material.