BOSAL manufactures a broad range of different parts covering the global vehicle park. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities ensure that the latest manufacturing technologies are applied to meet the most stringent customer requirements. BOSAL’s competitive edge is in vertical integration. From the proven suppliers of raw materials up to the supply of the final products to BOSAL’s global customer base guaranteeing the necessary availability ‘around the corner’. BOSAL’s global Aftermarket manufacturing is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 accredited.

Exhaust Systems

BOSAL’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic and the backup manufacturing facility in Turkey, ensure that the latest manufacturing technologies are applied to meet the most stringent customer requirements. BOSAL’s Aftermarket product portfolio comprises more than 7,500 active references for replacement exhaust systems, catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters. In order to manufacture this variation in products, BOSAL makes significant investments in its manufacturing equipment and processes. This guarantees the necessary flexibility to anticipate changes in the market-demand and cope with the broad and diverse range of products.

Manufacturing for Exhaust Systems

Unique of BOSAL is its vertical integration ensuring that each and every step in the production or distribution process is optimized to ensure to deliver customer needs which is BOSAL’s definition of quality.

  • BOSAL has more than 90 years of manufacturing experience in the Aftermarket
  • BOSAL’s manufacturing facilities apply the newest technology to ensure best-in-class health, safety and environmental protection
  • BOSAL uses the latest welding technologies, including laser welding
  • Vertical integration ensures the highest quality standards for the complete production process
  • Technology and processes with applied know-how of OEM production
  • Fully automatic component manufacturing
  • Different product specifications for the entire lifetime of the vehicle

Catalytic Converters

During 2016 BOSAL has made a significant investment in a state-of-the-art, so-called canning line for the production of Aftermarket catalytic converters. The latest OEM manufacturing technology is used whereby each and every product is individually measured in order that the substrate, which is jointly developed by Umicore and Bosal using OEM emission technology, is canned in such a way that the housing pressure is equally divided. Called soft canning, this process guarantees optimized performance of the substrate during the lifetime of the product without any risk of breaking. This unique process ensures that the manufactured catalytic converters have a competitive advantage in the market to the benefit of the Bosal customers.

An important functionality of the canning line is the so-called spin-forming process. The metal housing of the canned catalytic converter is extruded without any need for welding. This production methods excludes the risk of leakages and enhances the visual appearance of the products. The canning line enables BOSAL to supply a superior product and gives customers a competitive edge in the market, while contributing to a better environment.

  • Application of OEM substrate technology as developed by Umicore
  • Loading of precious metals in order to meet the most stringent emission regulations
  • Special designed inlet geometry to ensure an optimized flow distribution in order to enhance the performance of the product during its life time
  • The components of each catalyst are individually weighted and measured to exclude the risk of breakage of the substrate resulting in malfunctioning of the product
  • Spin forming process excludes the need for welding and therefore reducing the risk of leakages
  • Excellent visual appearance of the product
  • Bosal is the only manufacturer in the European AM to apply the state-of-the-art canning process.
  • With the canning line process Bosal offers its customer base a competitive advantage in the market


BOSAL is a leading European manufacturer of towbars and invests heavily in terms of efficiency and expansion at its modern production and development facilities. Nowhere is this more evident than at its towbar manufacturing facility in Hungary, which was established in 2003. Also here BOSAL prides itself on a strong commitment to continuous improvement.

  • High capacity to meet any increased market demands
  • High flexibility to cater for low and medium series bending of components
  • Increased performance at welded seams due to shot/sand blasting
  • Weld-seam analysis to ensure the best welding quality
  • New modular assembly lines for increased production flexibility