Towbars / Trailer hitches

BOSAL develops and produces tow bar systems for passenger vehicle applications and provides OEM (Original Equipment) products for line-fit applications and OES products for dealer-fit installations. BOSAL products are also available for the AM industry.

All towing devices currently produced by BOSAL ACPS carry official EC approval, meaning that individual on-vehicle inspections are not required as a precondition for Highway use.

The BOSAL product line includes several kinds or towbar systems; including rigid and detachable tow bars as and manually, semi-automated or fully automated swivelling systems under the ORIS-MATIC brand. BOSAL products cover the entire range of small, medium, large and SUV applications. The low-weight and market leading dimensions of BOSAL towbars mean that they meet the package and weight restrictions for passenger vehicle applications.

Choose your application from the extensive BOSAL product line.

Fixed Towbars

Fixed Towbars

Cost-conscious drivers prefer BOSAL´s rigid-ball trailer hitch. With its proven reliability and robust construction, this version offers optimal levels of quality and functionality for virtually every vehicle model. It is particularly popular as a retro-fit solution for the independent aftermarket.  

Detachable Towbars

Detachable Towbars

Detachable towbars are installed only when needed, meaning that the vehicle's appearance is not compromised. Installation and removal of the ball neck is quick and easy. The tow bar system works perfectly year in, year out and requires very little maintenance. 


Swiveling systems

Swiveling systems

The easy-to-use ORIS-MATIC towbar system can be summed up in one word: convenience. It is available in manual, semi-automated, and fully automated versions.

A particular feature of the BOSAL swivelling tow bar is its patented diagonal axis, which allows for an extremely compact package, low-weight and a market leading swivel-out / swivel-in cycle time.

Trailer hitches

For the North American market, BOSAL develops and supplies OES & OEM applications in line with the customer specification and tsnadrdas J684. The solutions cover all towing classes.

BOSAL has plants in Markgröningen (Germany), Kecskemet (Hungary), and Queretaro (Mexico) , meaning that the BOSAL is close to all key markets for manufacturing as well as for engineering.

Electrical Kits

Electrical kits are developed in collaboration width the automotive industry and are an integral part of an OEM tow bar. For the tow bars aimed at the aftermarket, BOSAL supplies electrical kits that are extremely easy to install.


BOSAL also provides a towbar retrofit for almost any car model in the aftermarket.