Times are changing. So is BOSAL. 

Are you passionate about innovation? Do you want to contribute to a sustainable future and be at the epicentre of tomorrow’s cutting-edge clean energy solutions? Join BOSAL today.  

Founded in the Netherlands in 1923, BOSAL is a unique family-owned company driven by a customer-centric passion for creative innovation and technology-driven change. Building on a proud legacy of transforming client needs into industry pioneering solutions, BOSAL aims to be a future leader in the field of mobility and energy by reputation.


Even more reasons to join:  

  • Rewarding international career opportunities.
  • Global presence with a local footprint.
  • Tight-knit intercultural teams representing over 17 nationalities.
  • Informal environment that encourages personal development and self-expression.
  • Long-standing partnerships with leading academic & research institutions.
  • Strong focus on new talent; offering ongoing internships and traineeship opportunities. 
  • Finally, Dutch DNA-driven, down-to-earth open-mindedness that will give you the absolute freedom to be and embrace the very best version of yourself.