BOSAL is a leading manufacturer in the fields of mobility and energy, with 17 industrial sites, 12 distribution centres, 7 R&D centers and 2,500 employees around the world.

Our mission

BOSAL’s mission is to contribute to a cleaner world by consistently innovating in mobility and energy. At the same time, we pride ourselves in offering tailored solutions to meet the challenges of future generations in line with our values.

Market segments

BOSAL is committed to driving innovation in global mobility and energy by developing and manufacturing technological solutions with agility through its four market segments: Powertrain, Chassis, Energy, and Packaging Solutions.

Global Partner

The BOSAL Group plays a major role in shaping a cleaner future. From automotive to energy solutions, our products are recognised and valued by our customers worldwide. It’s a fact we’re immensely proud of.

Our constant (and successful) journey to make agility our strength is something we’re proud of too. Our global presence places us in the position of being able to complement that of our customers and to meet the requirements of the 24/7 global economy, delivering on unsurpassed customer satisfaction through superior quality and premium value time and time again.


As a result-driven organisation, it is hardly surprising BOSAL continuously expands its knowledge and innovative technology leadership through investing in R&D, the latest process technologies and its people. In addition, the group maintains long-standing partnerships with established market players, universities and governmental research institutes. A firm, laser-sharp and continued focus on a knowledge-based innovation strategy is how BOSAL has secured the expertise required to continue to produce high-quality, innovative products, compliant with the strictest requirements.

Bosal map

Our footprint ensures efficient production planning

Bosal has a global footprint with 17 industrial sites, 12 distribution centres, 7 R&D centers to service customers worldwide.


Global Presence

Since its founding in the Netherlands in 1923, BOSAL has established a long and impressive track record in the development, manufacturing, and supply of automotive, aftermarket and energy products to clients worldwide.

BOSAL serves its customers with a global manufacturing footprint, stretching from South Africa to Russia, from Brazil to China, and from Europe to North America. BOSAL's global presence of owned R&D centres is complemented with a worldwide network of industry partners, as well as research and educational institutions. Manufacting and distribution centres are strategically positioned to cover the footprint of BOSAL's global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), aftermarket, and energy customers.

With its global spread of R&D, manufacturing and distribution, BOSAL has full capability to serve its customers around the world, meeting today's requirements and actively developing and introducing technologies for the future.