It's the values we practice daily at BOSAL that make the difference. The transitional growth from our first workshop in Alkmaar in the Netherlands to a global leader in mobility & energy has involved many changes. But some things have not, and will never change: our culture and our core values.

Our mission is to consistently innovate to contribute to a cleaner world in mobility and energy.


Since the very beginning in 1923, our values have helped shape our company and have guided every single employee part of our BOSAL family to lead in the future of the fields of mobility and energy. 



Bosal career

Customer excellence

Focus on the customer — that’s our motto. Whether it’s the employees who talk to our customers every day or that part of the team operating behind the scenes — a mindset that prompts us to think not in terms of our interests as a company but on the basis of our customers’ needs

Part of this pragmatic mindset involves pushing our limits, again and again, linked with passionate commitment and ownership to provide premium quality and strive for constant improvement. We channel this commitment into translating customer requirements into unique solutions and tangible products & services. This agile and entrepreneurial approach gives us a very special kind of motivation. We’re satisfied only if our customers are too.


An inspired & empowered family

Our core values have helped shape our company — but it’s the people who put these values into practice every day who are our greatest asset. The many different voices, personalities, and opinions that come together within our company create an inspiring and empowering environment with a distinct sense of belonging. Each one of our employees has his or her own skillset, perspective, and ideas — and all of them make up our unique BOSAL family.


Leading the future

Our world is undergoing profound change. And that involves responsibilities for us as well. In a world under increasing pressure from environmental degradation, finding innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers’ needs and managing the resources that go into our products is more important than ever.

As BOSAL is leading the way towards a cleaner future in mobility and energy, making our locations, our products and services, and our daily work more sustainable has never been more important. Because shaping the future through change starts with all of us.