The chassis of an automobile incorporates all the major assemblies. These consist of an engine, components of the transmission system such as clutch, gearbox, drive shaft, axles, a control system such as brakes and steering, and the suspension system of the vehicle. In other words, the vehicle without its body.

Advanced welding and sheet pressing techniques

In tune with the latest developments in welding and sheet pressing techniques, BOSAL designs and manufactures a wide variety of OEM chassis parts, always considering durability, lightweight design, and cost-efficiency. In many of our facilities, we have our own surface treatment and coating installations, to finish the parts exactly to customer requirements.

Our extensive expertise in powertrain supply and in-line sequencing models with multiple OEMs, will allow us to also extend this portfolio of high end products in the years to come.




Our OEM portfolio contains the following products:

  • Air pressure vessels for secondary safety systems in trucks and buses, offering high corrosion resistance
  • Standard or customised seat frame sub-assemblies, suited to a great variety of passenger builds
  • Fuel tanks for heavy-duty transport in rectangular and cylindrical shapes, allowing significant weight savings

Bespoke towbar designs (fixed, detachable, retractable) with a perfect fit, easy to install, and maintenance free, including vehicle-specific wiring kits and sensor systems.



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