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Since 1965, our knowledge and experience grants us the opportunity to rapidly respond to market demands and provide a complete range adapted to current trends, enabled by our manufacturing capabilities in a new production factory, dedicated to towbars, in Ukraine, together with our existing plants in Turkey & South Africa.

Thanks to our in-house experts at the BOSAL Research & Development Centre in Lummen (BE), BOSAL can supply the global Aftermarket customer with a highly qualitivecompetitive and reliable standard in aftermarket products. This standard ensures optimal safety and reliability of our solutions. 

Our towbar & bicycle carrier history

  • 1965: BOSAL starts the production of Aftermarket towbars in South-Africa
  • 1985: Introduced the world’s first detachable towbar
  • 2006: JV between BOSAL and Oris GmbH
  • 2010: BOSAL is introducing the bicycle carrier range in the market
  • 2012: 100% acquisition of Oris in 2012. Hereby BOSAL also acquired the complete knowledge of retractable and detachable towbars
  • 2018: Towerbrook acquired the Oris division, acting as an independent company with a new brand.
  • 2018: BOSAL is focusing on their core business of emission control systems and rebuilding the company. The towbar factories & R&D in South Africa and Turkey remain within the BOSAL group.
  • 2020: Restart of the R&D towbar centre in Lummen
  • 2021: First new towbar range and bicycle carriers in the market

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