In order to assure a smooth and fast transition from a commodity-focused to a technology-leading company, BOSAL is using its excellent technical competences that have been developed over the past 20 years within the Research & development organisation, such as :

  • High-temperature metal applications       
  • Thermo-mechanical fatigue
  • Emission aftertreatment 
  • Fluid dynamics 
  • Acoustics & vehicle noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH)  
  • Durability
  • Heat recovery
  • Innovative manufacturing processes     

Our standardised Product Creation Process (PCP) makes extensive use of digital twins 5 for simulating entire product performance and production processes, enabling reliable and performant product design, zero-defect production and reduced time to market.

With design , simulation, prototyping and testing under one roof, BOSAL has all capabilities in house  to design and develop innovative and competitive products in the fields of Powertrain, Chassis, Energy and Microgrid.



Our competences are centralised in the BOSAL R&D centre in central Europe and accessible via our Satellite R&D hubs for our customers spread over the other continents. A state-of-the-art Product Lifecycle Management system (PLM) is our backbone for global concurrent engineering,  product configuration management and project management.