BOSAL Aftermarket provides all-round service for an extensive product range, with fast delivery.

Global partner

BOSAL supplies the global aftermarket customer with a wide range of innovative, competitive, and type-approved products, with enhanced logistics including dedicated e-business solutions. BOSAL’s vertical integration makes the difference. Taking care of every aspect in the value chain is the key to the company’s global success, guaranteeing customer satisfaction beyond expectation: wherever, whenever.


Extensive range

This is enabled through vertical integration, ranging from state-of the-art development competencies with a strong Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) pedigree, to the selection and purchase of raw materials for manufacturing according to the latest technology, and processing through the lean supply chain, with full compliance with the customer requirements.

Thanks to our experience, innovative ambition, and user experience focus, we are able to offer our customer an extensive range with a bold development plan to expand the range continuously, enhanced by our very own Research & Development Centre in Lummen, Belgium.


BOSAL research center in Lummen

Thanks to our in-house experts at the BOSAL Research & Development Centre in Lummen (BE), BOSAL can supply the global Aftermarket customer with a highly qualitivecompetitive and reliable standard in aftermarket products. This standard ensures optimal safety and reliability of our solutions. 

Our knowledge and experience grants us the opportunity to rapidly respond to market demands and provide a complete range adapted to current trends, enabled by our manufacturing capabilities around the world. 


Discover powertrain aftermarket

Our R&D facilities and OEM pedigree ensure innovative and durable product solutions.




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All-round service for an extensive product range, including high-quality spare parts, with fast delivery.


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