Catalytic converters

BOSAL has a comprehensive range of more than 1,000 catalytic converters for petrol and diesel engines, up to Euro 6 type-approved units, and Blauer Engel accreditation in Germany for the top end. BOSAL uses its insider OEM knowledge for Aftermarket products. Our laboratory makes CAE flow simulations, conducts hot-shake testing and ceramic brick hydrothermal aging.


  • EM washcoat technology with optimised loading of precious metals
  • Fully compliant with the EU type approval regulation R103 ensuring a durability of 80,000 km
  • All parts developed are based on-car OE sampling and testing
  • Specially designed inlet cone to optimise the flow distribution
  • Spin-formed cone avoiding any welding of the product
  • Guaranteed gas tightness
  • Mounting kits are included in all catalytic converters

Blauer Engel

The top end of the BOSAL catalytic converter range is Blauer Engel accredited. This is the most stringent German accreditation based on the RAL UZ-184. This ensures maximum protection of people and the environment for the lifetime of the product.

Special Features:

  • Optimised converter performance through the lifetime of the product
  • OEM washcoat technology with optimised loading of precious metals
  • High specification heat-resistant insulation material
  • Accredited annual testing by renowned German technical institutes
  • Each product is engraved with Blauer Engel type-approval