National grids routinely waste green energy on a large scale, and hybrid local solutions with solar panels, wind, hydrogen, and fuel cells are good solutions for our children’s future. BOSAL takes up this responsibility in system integration, highly efficient solutions, and to provide green energy for all. 

Since there is no plan(et) B

Microgrid for sustainable energy

Microgrids are integrated and hybrid systems to generate sustainable energy, independent of national electricity grids and perfect for remote areas. In developing countries and emerging markets. local grids are more and more a trend. To generate renewable energy locally; production and consumption at the same spot. It means local power in humanitarian settings. By using solar panels, much of the energy demand can already be covered at affordable energy rates. Additional technology can be added to these microgrids for more efficiency of these systems. And to make it useful 24/7.

The expertise of BOSAL in the sphere of heat and energy conversion, plus creative and innovative co-operation with partners, leads to radical innovations for these markets. This means successful introductions of new energy solutions.


BOSAL’s vision on microgrids

After intensive investments in the Energy Conversion part of BOSAL’s strategy, local green solutions worldwide are the new ambition. They are the sustainable answer to coal-based power plants and diesel gensets used in most of the developing countries, especially for communities on the African and Asian continents. BOSAL will introduce solutions based on demand requirements for:

  • Mini microgrids               5 – 20 kW
  • Medium microgrids        20 – 50 kW
  • Commercial local grids   > 50 kW

Off grid - Freedom

Powered by BOSAL


There is no planet B

Planet earth is precious and unique. To keep it healthy and futureproof, disruptive technology is key. Cars and trucks will run on electricity and fuel cells; planes on hydrogen and biofuels; sustainable energy will be in high demand in European countries; systems will become more and more efficient. We have to keep innovating and developing. There is no planet B.


Microgrids to the people

BOSAL wants to take its role as an industry leader in mobility & energy for a green, cleaner world. All solutions are taken with that in mind plus the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The scope and plan forward for the microgrids is:

2021: Solar panels in combination with ‘second life batteries’

2022: Solar panel combinations with CHP (Combined Heat Power) technology

2023: Solar panel combinations with fuel cell and hydrogen solutions, as well as SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) and SOEC (Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cell)